TBR Challenge for July

The Theme: Series Catch-Up                                                                                            The Book: His Ex’s Well-Kept Secret by Joss Wood Why … [Read more…]

Happy 4th of July!!!

I’m spending most of my summer in the US which means I’m home for July 4th. I always celebrate, no matter where I am, but there’s nothing better than enjoying Independence Day in the States. There’s fireworks and hamburgers and – most importantly – friends and family. Happy 4th of July, everyone! via GIPHY  

TBR Challenge for May

I’ve been missing from the TBR Challenge for two months! Oops! Life got in the way and things were a bit hectic but I’m determined to get back on the wagon. At least…for May. 🙂 The Theme: Something Different                                   … [Read more…]

Καλό Μήνα

Greeks love their sayings. No seriously. They love them. They have the usual ones like goodnight, good morning, etc. But there are also a string of others they use for all kinds of reasons on a regular basis. One example is Καλό Μήνα. Literally translated it means good month. It’s a blessing used at the beginning of … [Read more…]

A Fresh Outlook

Happy New Year! via GIPHY I’m slowly moving back into work mode after a lovely holiday break. My kiddos are still off from school – hence the slow part. Whenever they have a break, I take extra time off too. We go skating, take day trips, get together with our friends and bake cookies. (Of course, … [Read more…]

TBR Post for November

The Theme: Historical Romance                                                                                                The Book: Seduced by Molly O’Keefe Why it was in my TBR pile: I believed I picked this up while it was on sale. SuperWendy reviewed this book on her blog and enjoyed it. Since, I have a soft spot for Westerns it was an easy buy! The Review: Melody Hurst’s days as a Southern belle … [Read more…]

TBR Challenge for October

The Theme: Paranormal or Romantic Suspense                                                                                                The Book: Flirting with Danger by Suzanne Enoch Why it was in my TBR pile: I have no idea. Seriously, like no idea. This book was published in 2005 and I cannot remember when I bought it. So, it is entirely possible it’s been knocking around my TBR pile for a long, long time. Or maybe I … [Read more…]