TBR Challenge for July

The Theme: Series Catch-Up                                                                                            The Book: His Ex’s Well-Kept Secret by Joss Wood Why … [Read more…]

Happy 4th of July!!!

I’m spending most of my summer in the US which means I’m home for July 4th. I always celebrate, no matter where I am, but there’s nothing better than enjoying Independence Day in the States. There’s fireworks and hamburgers and – most importantly – friends and family. Happy 4th of July, everyone! via GIPHY   … [Read more…]

TBR Challenge for May

I’ve been missing from the TBR Challenge for two months! Oops! Life got in the way and things were a bit hectic but I’m determined to get back on the wagon. At least…for May. 🙂 The Theme: Something Different                                   … [Read more…]

Καλό Μήνα

Greeks love their sayings. No seriously. They love them. They have the usual ones like goodnight, good morning, etc. But there are also a string of others they use for all kinds of reasons on a regular basis. One example is Καλό Μήνα. Literally translated it means good month. It’s a blessing used at the beginning of … [Read more…]

A Fresh Outlook

Happy New Year! via GIPHY I’m slowly moving back into work mode after a lovely holiday break. My kiddos are still off from school – hence the slow part. Whenever they have a break, I take extra time off too. We go skating, take day trips, get together with our friends and bake cookies. (Of course, … [Read more…]

TBR Post for November

The Theme: Historical Romance                                                                                                The Book: Seduced by Molly O’Keefe Why it was in my TBR pile: I believed I picked this up while it was on sale. SuperWendy reviewed this book on her blog and enjoyed it. Since, I have a soft spot for Westerns it was an easy buy! The Review: Melody Hurst’s days as a Southern belle … [Read more…]

TBR Challenge for October

The Theme: Paranormal or Romantic Suspense                                                                                                The Book: Flirting with Danger by Suzanne Enoch Why it was in my TBR pile: I have no idea. Seriously, like no idea. This book was published in 2005 and I cannot remember when I bought it. So, it is entirely possible it’s been knocking around my TBR pile for a long, long time. Or maybe I … [Read more…]