My mom disciplined me by taking away my books – that’s how much I loved them. It sounds horribly mean but, trust me, it was the only punishment that worked. I was the kid who stayed up late with the flashlight under the covers. I “stole” library books from the school because they would only let me check out four at a time and it wasn’t enough to get me through the weekend.  (Sorry! I always brought them back!)

With such a love for reading, it’s not surprising I became an author. While I will try almost any genre, I have a preference for a twisting mystery with a protagonist who not only catches the bad guy but also falls in love along the way. The romance and mystery sections are always the first stops I make when going into the bookstore.

Prior to the launch of my writing career, I worked as a family law attorney in my home state of Texas. Currently, I live in Athens with my husband, two kids and a very spoiled dog. When I’m not writing or running after my little ones, you’ll find me baking something with chocolate as an ingredient.

If you want to learn more about my adventures in book writing and my (often kooky) life in Greece, check out my blog.