A Fresh Outlook

Happy New Year!


I’m slowly moving back into work mode after a lovely holiday break. My kiddos are still off from school – hence the slow part. Whenever they have a break, I take extra time off too. We go skating, take day trips, get together with our friends and bake cookies. (Of course, we can’t forget about the cookies!) It’s wonderful and I’m so blessed to have this time with them.

I also made sure to do some career planning over the holiday break. January signifies a fresh start which means setting new goals. This year, thanks to a class I took through SavvyAuthors, I had a different approach to my annual goal setting and it’s one I’m really excited about.

For the first time, I made career goals. These are big pictures plans, ones that will help guide my career in the right direction. For example, I want to traditionally publish a successful series of romantic mystery novels. I always had these goals in the back of my mind, but this was the first year I wrote them down. Seeing them in black and white was very affirming. I would encourage anyone – no matter your job – to define your overall career goals and write them down.

Afterwards, I narrowed down my specific goals for the year. What are things I can do to move myself closer to accomplishing my career goals? It’s important to remember that these goals must be something you can actually control. For example, I can’t determine when or if a publisher decides to buy my novel. There are too many variables – whether the editor likes it, if it is approved by the acquisitions board, etc. However, I can control how many novels or proposals I write this year. Differentiating between the two means my goal becomes something I can actually accomplish which is empowering.

2016 was a great year for me but I believe 2017 is going to be even better. My career goals are defined and my yearly goals are more focused. Plus I have cookies. And let’s be honest, everything is always better with cookies!

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